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Technical Seminars & Updates

Experience has been the most important, if not the only, source of knowledge for the professionals of the wood and metal coating industry. In Italkrom, we believe that experience is an important factor, but not the one that will make the difference. The decisive factor for the success of any professional in the industry is the right education. For this reason, Italkrom organizes theoretical and technical seminars at the company's premises where, under the supervision and guidance of a technician, theoretical product information is given, while practical applications of all Italkrom’s products are made, so that each professional may acquire all necessary knowledge and proper education about wood, metal and special effects coatings.

After Sales Service

At Italkrom, we consider, that a pre-sale service to our customer-partner is something standard and given. We consider, however, more important the after-sales service that is provided to our customer.
For this reason, there is always an experienced technician in house, who can provide solutions to any technical problem. In addition, if necessary, a technician will come to your place to solve the technical problem on the spot.
At the end, Italkrom's after-sales service is completed by the frequent visits of our commercial and technical staff at your companies.

On Demand

At Italkrom, we believe that to meet the needs of our clients and partners, we can not only provide thme the products we have immediately available, but we have, also, to supply them with products that meet the particular needs, they may have.
For this reason, there is on-demand service where, at the request of our client-partner, Italkrom provides, within a reasonable period of time, with specific products to meet these specific requirements, be it a specific product, a specific work cycle and/or even a completely new product, based on its needs. At Italkrom, we believe that there is nothing that we cannot provide you.

Sales Network

In order to provide a better and faster service to our clients, Italkrom has a wide sales network of local dealers, thanks to their know-how and experience; they are able to satisfy all your needs in terms of wood and metal coatings. Alsom in the areas of the country, where there are no dealers yet, Italkrom can serve you fast, both with the company’s means and with cooperating carriers.

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