Car and Refinishing Products
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ΛειαντικάSignificant is also the experience and the expertise of Italkrom in the refinishing sector, given the 20 year-old company's presence in this area, representing for Epirus and Western Greek Mainland, three of the world's largest and best-known brands:


  1. MaxMeyer
  2. PPG
  3. Akzo Nobel-Sikkens

The agreements and cooperation with multi-vertical units and agencies, but also with many small refinishing shops, demonstrates the high level of service both before and after the sales.The range of car and refinishing products completes the 3M abrasives, the insulation and adhesives products of SIKA and the ROBERLO products.
In addition, Italkrom has also the guaranteed quality RUPES sanders and the SATA spraying guns for refinishing.

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