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Imperial logoAn important part of the daily work of the professionals is the grinding. The right choice of the abrasives is important, because affects the time, the consumption, the productivity and the final cost of the construction or the repair. 
For these reasons, Italkrom chose the abrasive of the Italian factory IMPERIAL ABRASIVI, which tested both the sector of wooden construction, as well as the refinishing sector, gives excellent results. 

The Italkrom offers a full range of abrasives, which indicatively are:

  • Rectangular sandpapers
  • 6holes and 15holes round sandpapers
  • 2sided and 4sided abrasive pads
  • Abrasive wipes and cloths
  • Abrasive rolls
  • Abrasive sponges
  • Abrasive belts of various sizes, etc.
And satisfy the needs of each company, regardless of size.

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